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Three words: Farringdon. Seethe. Rage.

A SeasonTicket? from Brighton to LondonTerminals? can be used via Lewes?.

If you want to do WeirdThings?, such as multi-point journeys, it is a RightPain? to work out the most efficient selection of tickets. Singles are notoriously expensive, but returns can sometimes be more expensive than needed, or just not available, due to the fragmented nature of the BritishRailwayNetwork? - different train operators have different special offers etc.

For example, Golspie (in the ScottishHighlands?) to Derby, then on to Brighton, then back to Golspie. The fact that Brighton and Golspie are pretty much as far away from each other down the east side of great britain as you can get makes this all the more challenging, if there is also a requirement to make that leg in one day.

Anyway, it is worth knowing that VirginValue? tickets can be obtained from Edinburgh to a variety of places, including Derby. Oddly enough you can't get them between Derby and Brighton, in spite of both those stations being on the Virgin network, in fact having a route in common (VT2). BUT you CAN do VirginValue? from Derby to LondonEuston?, then get a cheapish Thameslink single from LondonBridge? (presumably KingsCrossThameslink? as well), which is about 25% cheaper than a normal CheapDaySingle?.

And to get back, it costs over 200 to do Brighton - Golspie, but only 38 to Edinburgh with a "GNER Off-peak 2 Single", and that can get you there with plenty of time for the connection way up north. A supersaver return from Golspie to Edinburgh is 47.70, thus enabling you to become a true SuperSaver?. (*sarcasm*)


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