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This is a page for giving advice (or linking to it) for people in various Careers.

Have you tried something, and found it a life long passion?  Is it widely misunderstood?  Or did you try it, realise it was poison and change away from it?  Here's the place to tell your tale.


[Ed Nather on astronomy] - this is the author of the story of Mel, the real programmer.  Much of the advice given has much wider applicaility that just astronomy.


DR writes: don't get trapped into competence only at a language that is only used in a single company.

SGB writes: say no to web design.  See PercySnoodle/CareerChange? for the full rant.


Anyone here started their own business?  What was it like?
PeterTaylor writes: I've set up as a sole trader (and am still registered as such, for reasons I won't go into). On that scale the legislative and bureaucratic burden is pretty minimal - mainly income tax self-assessment. Pros: ultimate in flexitime. Cons: ultimate in flexitime; need to find work if you're doing consultancy/bespoke products or a lot of money for marketing if you're developing a more general product.


The dropout rate in the first two years is horrendous and long term happiness is very dependent of finding a school that matches you (how supportive are the staff and parents, how disruptive are the pupils?).  Definitely a vocation rather than a profession - only do it if it is something you really feel called to dedicate yourself to. --DR

The Grey Professions

(Accounting, Actuary, Law, Civil Service) - do they live down to their reputation?



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