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Many thanks for letter writing stuff. And now I feel I must beg the assistance of the Geek crowd on Toothywiki:

I've just been put in charge of looking into UPS technology for the lab. Today was the first power cut for a long while and the lab was completely unprepared for it. I unfortunately opened my big mouth and mentioned that instead of having to play merry hell with the rather expensive multiple processor machines we run most of our work off, and especially given we're going to have a shiny new cluster next year, maybe we ought to get a UPS for the backbone of the lab. Then I explained what a UPS was. Then I got told to look into the matter as I was obviously the one with the greatest degree of knowledge in the area already.

There is of course a slight problem with this. I have no idea anything about UPS technology aside from the contents of a page on Wikipedia I read whilst bored one day. Can anyone offer insights into UPS systems for UNIX/IRIX machines. I hear there's all sorts of interesting things that can be done with graceful shutdowns and such. What should I look for, what is probably possible and how much is it likely to cost?

Yours, ineptly --Edith

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