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Saturday 26th August. The RSC is doing all 3 parts of Henry VI in one day (starts at 10.30am, ends around 11pm, yes there are many breaks).

There are 100 [100 free tickets] for under 30s for each part. And, despite my earlier mumblings we could theoretically get tickets for each part.

If we were going from Cambridge we'd need to be there at 10am at the latest with proof of age each. This would entail setting off from Cambridge at 8am at the very latest. Ideally we'd set off at 7.30am or even 7am if we wanted to grab breakfast in Stratford upon Avon. We'd also need cars. We would get back at 1am at the earliest (last night we got back at 2.30am).

On the other hand I've seen part 2 and it rocked mightily so I think it's totally worth it if we can pull it off.

Who's interested?

So, were we doing something about this, or was it apathy'd? --NT
I'm still interested --Vitriol?

I've got a pair of tickets and the use of ChessyPig's car (fits four in only mild discomfort, five in noteworthy discomfort).  It looks as though you can only get two tickets per performance per orderer, so other interested people should follow the link above and book tickets.  I'm not sure what kung fu Edith used to get several tickets.  It's possible I also have a ChessyPig, who will soak up a ticket and a car space. --NT
Which portion did you book in (though since it doesn't include the stalls, which is which we got put last time, it's possibly just making it all up)? --Vitriol?
They're all in the Gallery; I picked "best available", assuming that almost all the tickets would be gone. --NT

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