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New Year is here and here are the resolutions for 2004:

Taste thirty different brands of coffee before 2005
- I have the beans, I have the grinder. I have already got far too hyper several times this term. I think CUWoCS Coffee evenings are the way to go.

Visit Welwyn Garden City
- Why not?

Read a book I wouldn't ordinarily read
- Pride and Predudice. Although to be honest I'm not finding it too great. Suggestions for other literary works that I might enjoy but not normally consider are good.

Eat green beans out of the tin with a fork
- Hell Yeah!

Get a penpal
- Meh. Seems like a good idea, now all I need to do is find one.

Pick up a hobby which involves physical activity
- There's running and Gyming at Churchill which sounds like it might work *and* fit into my shedule better than most things. Otherwise I'll probably go dancing more often.

Cook More
- I like it. Plus I get to invite people over for food.

Plant more things in the Garden
- Leave something for the next tenants, although it's a little late to plant much now.

Hey, this is like the pob game!  Try things out, and see whether the reaction is "I can do that" or "No way!" :)  Hence:

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