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I Am Not a Lawyer

Used by someone who is about to, or has just given, legal advice in order to disclaim that their advice was any use and therefore to prevent them getting into trouble if acted upon (and the results are less than intended)

Hmm.  Sounds kinda lawyerish to me.  Perhaps all legal documents should have it appended as a standard disclaimer?

(PeterTaylor) No, because if the person writing it is a lawyer they'd probably invalidate the document by so doing. And before you suggest that all lawyers retire and then do this for a living, firstly the definition of lawyer might still cover that, and secondly if it doesn't, there will be a shortage of people for certain public posts which can only be given to solicitors, advocates, barristers or people with judicial experience.

Well, maybe all the contract lawyers could employ a half educated person to sign that on the end of all their contracts?


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