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Writes fantasy and a small amount of sci-fi, usually including sexual undercurrents, usually including some form of taboo sexual relationship.

In the case of the Xanth novels, the undercurrents are very well disguised by awful puns; except Isle Of View (ISBN 0380759470 ) which is astonishingly explicit for what is basically a children's book.
Anthony on Xanth "It seems that ninety-nine percent of its readers love it; the other one percent review it." and, more directly here "Despite appearances, Xanth is intended mostly for adults, which may be why the kids like it." Also on his editing "That chapter was deleted, because it isn't good form to annoy more readers than strictly necessary, even in Xanth." --SF, quoting from the back of Xanth-8, and hoping he can find Xanth-7 around somewhere as it would be useful to know what the blazes was going on at the start of this novel.
Remind me what the titles in question are..? - MoonShadow
Xanth-7 is Dragon on a Pedestal, Xanth-8 is Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn. --SF
You might be in luck. I own the paperback of Dragon on a Pedestal - although I don't know if it's in Cambridge or not; last time I remember reading it was about ten years ago. Will look and get back to you. - MoonShadow
We do. It's in the back room with all the other Piers Anthonys... - SunKitten


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