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A new phenomenon, I think.  It goes something like this:

People get offended by racism.  Racism is a bad thing.  So we musn't even be perceived as being racist.  In fact, we mustn't even allow the possibility of being perceived as being racist.  So we will do things like renaming the Easter holidays to the SpringBreak?, on the offchance that someone might be offended.

The best example of this I heard about was around a year ago, when someone mentioned the title of an AgathaChristie? novel that they were quoting from.  The book was called "The Three Little Niggers".  The person concerned had to resign from their post and make a public apology, along the lines of "I am very sorry for what I said. This organisation is determined not to stand for any racism, even unintentional".  Excuse me - unintentional racism - can such a thing exist?
Interestingly, "Twelve Little Niggers" (the original title) was later published as "Twelve Little Indians", until that was deemed offensive as well. It was then renamed again to "And then there were none" (thanks, SunKitten).

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Surely this can just be lumped in with the insanity that is PoliticalCorrectness?

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