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Apparantly, pronounced 'qwork' (such as the sound penguins allegedly make)
I pronounce it 'qwark' (and really ought to learn the proper squiggles used to signify pronunciation)
Surely qwark is correct, given that it ought to rhyme with Mark?

Each has a colour and a flavour, because physicists were feeling kinda bored with sensible concepts like spin and charge.

They are as indivisible as matter gets right now, and we are missing one still.

Anyhow, I still believe they were discovered in order that future generations would be blessed with the most wonderful set of syllables yet conceived:

Quark Soup.

Say it out loud.  Even GreenDuckPate? has got nothing on Quark Soup.  Stand up comedians will, at last, have something funny to say when playing to a hall of physicists.

"I like to say 'Quark'.  'Quark, quark, quark'"

Yes, it's a quantum physics love song: [Bruching Shuttlecocks]

Also a [kind] of soft cheese. The stuff they sell in Sainsbury's is inedible when raw (!)
Indeed, this is indirectly the origin of the name in particle physics.

Also an honourable businessman (for a ferengi) from StarTrek DS9

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