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Worn at very formal state occasions when invitation states “White Tie” - banquets, balls and ambassadorial events.

This outfit consists of a black evening tailcoat with satin faced lapels and black evening trousers with a satin stripe down the outside leg seam. With this one should wear a white Marcella waistcoat, white wing collar shirt, white Marcella bow tie and white silk handkerchief. Note: The bottom button of the waistcoat should always be fastened when wearing white tie.

The outfit is finished off with a top hat, black cloak, cane and white gloves if you're feeling Edwardian.

According to one site:
Students at the universities of Oxford and [Cambridge] customarily wear a variation of the above (Sub Fusc) for graduation. Under the gown a dark suit with white tie is worn.

To file under 'things we never wanted to know, so never needed to ask.'
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