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The lovely Vicki has now reviewed Artifaxis (its first review! *^^*), and I did some Dragon Heir fanart I'm reasonably pleased with, for the first volume, which will hopefully be printed soon ^^

I've felt really odd since I finished Looking for the Sun. A large part of me does not want to say goodbye to the story. I had no trouble with Phoenix Feathers or with Artifaxis - on the whole I enjoyed creating them, but when they ended, their time was done and I was happy to move on. I don't feel like that with Looking for the Sun; the idea of relegating Kite and Saryth to the same portion of my head where Meg and Yozhik dwell terrifies me. I don't want them to no longer be a regular, interesting part of my life.

On the other hand, I loathe the idea of forcing a continuation (to anything). Those never work, and always suck, and they become a burden to the existing story. And now, a little bit later on, I know I don't rationally want to draw any Looking for the Sun comics, because there aren't any waiting in my head. I know I'd be forcing it for the sake of clinging on.

It's really rather cheesy, but I have to fall back on the logical argument. There are Looking for the Sun stories I could still tell, from earlier in the timeline and quite plausibly from afterwards as well. They're just not happening right now. So if they want to come, if they are going to work, they'll come, in their own sweet time. And if not, they won't work no matter what I do, and the only thing I can really do is let them go.

I know there are other stories and other characters. I'm working on more than one at the moment, and I'm enjoying the process, on the whole. But Looking for the Sun, and Kite and Saryth, are special, and the idea of letting them dwindle and fade, of their stories no longer spinning out their intricate length when I'm thinking or dreaming, still makes me sad.

- Sun Kitten, 5th February '08

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