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2022's Advent Calendar is now updating :)
- Sun Kitten, 01.12.22
I forgot to say this earlier, but Nobody's Library volume 2 is now available to buy ^^ See here for the Sweatdrop Studios shop link, or you can get the ebook from our shop, or if you prefer a device-specific store, you can get it from Amazon or a variety of other stores. Finally, in a completely unrelated update, there's new art in the gallery - a poster/comic of the first 12 verses of Psalm 139 :)
- Sun Kitten, 26.06.22
There are new bookmark designs and a new print for Nobody's Library in the gallery, in preparation for volume 2 :)
- Sun Kitten, 15.05.22

Index of pages

  The ToothyWikiWeb. This is the place for discussion of anything on this website and, in fact, anything off it as well. Enter, read, add to the chaos..

  The comics that are being written and drawn (slowly), by Sun Kitten and others:
    Nobody's Library (in progress)
    A Pocketful of Clouds (complete)
    Defenders of the Sunset City (complete)
    Trade Winds (complete)
    Patchwork Sky (in progress)
    Sun Fish Moon Fish (complete)
    Mini Murder Mysteries (complete, for now at least)
    Kink Walker (written by Will Couper)
    Ambient Rhythm (complete)
    Reya (complete)
    Looking for the Sun (complete)
    Artifaxis (complete)
    Phoenix Feathers (complete)
    This is Jesus (complete)
    The boy who wanted to catch the truth (complete)
    Inheritance (complete)
    Views From Another Place (complete)
    All That Matters (complete)
    Concerning Research (complete)
    fake wings (complete)
    English Magic (complete)
    The Perfect Photo (complete)
    Allsorts: Molly and the Kelpie · Chasing the Wind · Shadowplay
    Shorts: PC Impersonation · The Inn Between · Comic Recipe · Condemned to Flight · The Closest One Can Get · Student Sueto-chan · Character Workshops
    Previews: Unheard Harmony · Reya · Tetraspace 1

  Stories and similar, written by Sun Kitten:
    Looking for the Sun · Completed novelisation of the fantasy comic.
    The Emperor's Hound · Complete novel-length fantasy story.
    The Spirit of the Mountain · Short fantasy story.
    Chasm Spells · Short fantasy story.
    In Two · Short fantasy story.
    'Twas the Watch before Christmas · Silly science fiction poem.
    Hopeful Monsters · Short science fiction story.
    The Forfeit Thief · Short science fiction story.
    The Outsiders · Short science fiction story.
    The Clockwork Dragon Slayer · Short fantasy story.
    Xenoarchaeology · Short science fiction story.
    Along the Way · Short story from Looking for the Sun. It fits between issues 24 and 25.

The Boy and the Darkness
  Translation of a Russian fantasy book by Sergei Lukjanenko (in progress)

  Gallery of images. Some from other pages on this site (for example, Ambient Rhythm and Looking for the Sun) and some completely random ones. Also has banners for linking to us at the bottom.

Anime Music Videos
  Anime Music Videos by Sun Kitten and Moonshadow

Chibi Keyring Figures
  Chibi plushy figures made by Sun Kitten

  Various activities for children, intended for use in Sunday School but applicable to other occasions.

  Page of poems, translations and short stories, by Moonshadow, Sun Kitten and sundry others.

Toothycat store
  A page of many links, all of which are places to buy books (or in some cases, get them for free!).

  The traditional comment about the inevitable links page.

Sun Kitten and Moonshadow
  A bit of information about the strange people responsible for this.

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