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I've been working on a single short story recently. It's a twenty page fantasy, and it was one of two stories I plotted out for the second Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga UK&Ireland. I chose the science-fiction story, the Homecoming, and since it did place, I think it was the right choice. But I liked the fantasy story, so now, when I actually have time to do something other than the webcomic and Looking for the Sun, I can finally draw it, and it is really quite fun :) Although the toning seems to take forever. Every time I sit down with ComicWorks and my tablet, I remember how much I dislike toning. Anyway, have a sneak preview ^^ That's the main characters. Both of them ;)

I don't know if it's really worth mentioning, but there's now a little blurb on the Ambient Rhythm index page. I'm going to have to come up with a twiddle or something to decorate that page of the index book, because it looks a little bare right now.

- Sun Kitten, 15th February '08

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