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The start of volume 2! I'm excited, anyway :)

If it's hard to read the letters, they say:

21 Eightpenny Lane
North Quarter, Ildyrium
Twenty-seventh day, third moon
Amar Year 4019, 815th YU

Dear Hannah,

I hope you are well, and our friends in Amar too. I miss you all, but I have had a very good few days here. That's why I am writing so soon after my last letter - I hope you don't mind.

When last we met, all together, I remember talking about all the things I am interested in, and wondering if I would find anyone here in Ildyrium who shares those interests, in particular, that style of southern embroidery that I like so much. There was little evidence at first, but while wandering around the city, I discovered more people of a like mind, although I have not yet been able to talk to them directly, only admire their craft from a distance. I am sure they have much to teach me and hope I can share a little of what I know. I am very eager to speak to them, and hope I will be able to write to you soon and tell you more. Perhaps I will see you at the end of the year, and talk with you about this in greater detail. I know you will be just as keen to discuss... as I am to learn them.

.... so that it can be with you...

My dear Vivika,

I apologise for writing to you without waiting for your last letter; please forgive the haste. I have some unwelcome news, and I am sorry to have to break this to you. I will not be able to correspond so frequently with you for the next year; again, I ask for your understanding in this matter. There is some unrest in the family, a distant branch, but still one that concerns us, and I must devote time to that and not, I am afraid, to the hobbies which interest us both so much. Indeed, I do not think I shall be able to touch my embroidery for at least a year. That is a measure of my concern.

Please forgive me for this interruption; I shall write again when I feel able. Be assured you remain always in my thoughts. I hope you find your studies as engrossing and enjoyable as always; I am sure you will not even notice the year go by. Take care, my dear, and be well.

Yours affectionately,


It's sized for print, I'm afraid, but comes out a little small on screen ^^

- Sun Kitten, 19th May '09

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