Ambient Rhythm is updated on Tuesday and Friday

There are a few things to mention this update - one is terribly belated, and it's entirely my fault. I got given this Cato fanart by Emma Vieceli, shortly after she finished reading the first volume - which was in spring! Sorry to be so late, Emma, and thanks! He looks very cute :)

Next is a small demo Alex made of his new game I've been doing the art for :) You can download chapter 1 of Elven Relations 2: Mermaid Liaisons here - enjoy!

Last but definitely not least, Neo issue 62 arrived yesterday, and there's a short excerpt from Sun Fish Moon Fish: Pilot Fish Story in it! *^^* Neo have been serialising Sweatdrop titles - mainly from Drop Dead Monstrous, our most recent anthology - and this month was the turn of the Many Fishes. I am very pleased with how the enlargement has worked - Neo is A4, more or less, and Sun Fish Moon Fish, like all my Sweatdrop-printed titles, was created at 6" wide by 9" tall, a bit smaller than A4. The printing looks fine, though, thanks Neo! XD

- Sun Kitten, 14th August '09

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