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Two things online caught my eye recently; the first (chronologically) is this, which Moonshadow hunted up. It's in Russian, I'm afraid, but the basic idea is that they take a child's drawing and make a cuddly toy out of it. The results are absolutely wonderful :)

The second is more serious - I found out today that the UK Border Agency are considering using DNA tests to determine the nationality of immigrants. For example, to tell the difference between a Somali individual, who could be a legitimate refugee fleeing from persecution, and a Kenyan person, who would not have that legitimacy as a refugee. This is beyond ludicrous; DNA tests just aren't capable of that much fine tuning (yet), and even if they were, people move! Ethnic groups are split across national borders; legal migrants to the UK come in all varieties. Anyway, there's a couple of reviews here: Science and Nature; and a petition to sign, for what good it will do, here.

Seriously, every time I think the government has reached the point of idiocy, they manage to go another step beyond!

- Sun Kitten, 16th October '09

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