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I'm still updating from abroad. Actually, I'm typing this on the plane, on the flight over, on the 31st October. It was a bit of a disastrous start today; I got up and caught the coach on time, and everything was going great, until I showed my ticket to the lady to check in, and she told me I was at the wrong airport.

The airline were very good about it, and switched me to an appropriate flight, so I carried on to Security, dragged my laptop out of the bag and presented my little see-through bag of ever-leaky ink bottles to the scanner. Then they took my rucksack aside to search it, because I had left a corkscrew in there from an evening drinking wine in a friend's hotel room at Expo. It's a little worrying how easy it is to lose something as large as a corkscrew in my bag ^^;;

De-corkscrewed and feeling like a muppet, I did make the plane. I'm halfway through an eight hour flight to America, which will be followed by a 5 hour internal flight. I don't have enough battery power for the whole thing, and cleverly, I packed my power adapters in the hold baggage. I think I'm going to get a lot of comic pages drawn today ^^;;

I suspect the next update may be late, by the way, because the flight home is an overnight one, Thursday to Friday. It should be up some time on Friday, sorry about that.

- Sun Kitten, 10th November '09

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