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It's snowing right now (midnight on the 18th) - it's become quite deep in places, to the point where driving was difficult; the wheels spun and lost traction a lot in the less-used roads. It didn't help that we were some way out of the city this evening, at a friend's house. It was very picturesque, though :) I'm wondering what the roads are going to be like tomorrow.

Unrelated to that, we had some special cheese on Wednesday. A month or so ago, Moonshadow got a milk fungus, which looks like a collection of small, gelatinous milky white globes. It's actually a very cool symbiotic mix of bacteria and yeast living together, and it drinks half a pint of milk a day, and turns it into kefir, a very mildly alcoholic milk drink. Normally, Moonshadow just drinks the kefir, but this week, he put it in some old milk we had, and cooked it gently, and it became cheese! Stringy, liquidy cheese, a bit like melty mozzarella. He made cheesy pasta with it, and it tasted really good. We had home made cheese! :D

- Sun Kitten, 18th December '09

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