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The Advent Calendar is finished - I thoroughly enjoyed it this year, and hope you did too :)

The things I mentioned last update are two lovely fanarts from Ushio-kun on the Sweatdrop forums, who gave me this cute Reya as part of the Sweatdrop Secret Santa, and added this sketch as an awesome bonus :D Thank you very much!

As well as receiving a Sweatdrop Secret Santa, I also gave one - I gave this to Robin; it's her character Taran. I had a lot of fun doing the background :) And here's the image I did for this year's Christmas cards, too.

I suppose all that's left is to say, have a very happy Christmas!

May God the Creator fire your own creativity,
May the Light of the World fill your days with his radiance,
May the Holy Spirit grant you his peace in the coming year.

- Sun Kitten, 25th December '09

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