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Someone at work emailed Adopt a Beehive round and I thought it was rather a nice idea - you can sponsor a beehive, and the money raised will "fund research into honey bee health, and education programmes for beekeepers," they say. I am quite fascinated by the idea of keeping bees, and it is apparently possible to keep them in suburbian gardens, but they sound like they take a fair bit of work and I have enough hobbies time sinks already (!) Maybe one day we'll have a hive, but until then the sponsoring is a nice way to support local beekeepers. I like British honey. Especially the sort that comes in fudge shape ;)

I did mention comic teasers earlier, so here they are - three images for three short stories. Moonshadow is responsible for the writing, and all three comics will be up on this site once the printed comics are out (so after Minami, mid-April). For now, have a page from each story; the balloon story, the snow story and the train story. Oh, and here is the front cover and back cover ^^

- Sun Kitten, 26th March '10

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