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Last year there was a manga competition run by the Japanese Embassy. That was actually the third year of running; the challenge is to make a short 4-6 page manga on a theme. The first year had the theme of Japan, the second the theme of '150' (to celebrate 150 years of friendship between Japan and the UK) and last year the theme was the sun. The first year, I entered with The Perfect Photo, and the second year, I couldn't think of anything that fitted with the theme. Last year, I couldn't resist, and entered a short comic called, unsurprisingly, 'Looking for the Sun' (no, I didn't try to tell the entire story in five pages!). I will eventually put it up here, like I do with almost everything, but I'm hanging back a bit because I was honoured to have it accepted into the Leek & Sushi 2 anthology, published by Itch publishing! The book is now available, and is chock full of short sun-related comics, from cute to funny to sad, so if you want to buy it (and you do, really), head over to Itch and check it out :)

- Sun Kitten, 11th June '10

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