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The boy and the darkness

Sergei Lukjanenko

Copyright status

Permission has been obtained from the author to publish this material. We are very grateful to Konstanin Grishin, who takes care of Lukjanenko's website, for helping us get in touch with him.

PostedDate:  10/29/2001 09:29:49 AM
DeliveredDate:  10/29/2001 10:48:29 AM
From:  Konstantin Grishin 
Subject:  Re[2]: Translation - Perevod Lukyanenko dlya angliyskih stranits rusf.ru

Прошу прощения за задержку с ответом.

Сергей не против публикации перевода - как на rusf.ru, так и на вашем
сайте. Так что вы можете и выкладывать перевод у себя, и присылать его
мне по мере готовности очередной главы.

Best regards,
 Konstantin                            mailto:grishin@rusf.ru

..for the non-Russian-speakers, that reads:

I beg forgiveness for the delay in answering.

Sergei is not against the publication of the translation - both on rusf.ru, and on your site. So you can feel free to both put up the translation yourself, and to send it to me as each chapter is ready.

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