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The Sunset City. A long-abandoned ruin crumbling gently under the relentless pressure of wind and weather. Ancient guardian of the Awan Pass, the only route through the Shenhami mountain range which separates the land of Istaq from the wide plains to the south, home of the Kaezi nomads.

For two generations now, a Kaezi trading coterie has passed through the city twice a year, on their way to and from Istaq. This year's journey has not gone smoothly. The impending death of one of the matriarchs of the coterie meant half the people remained in the Sunset City, until almost all of them were called south to help defend their people against an Ukseni attack. Twenty-one people remain in the city, all but one aged 16 and under, waiting - for the return of the war party, or the trading group's journey home, or the attack of the Ukseni - with no way of knowing who will arrive first.


Each chapter of the story follows a different character through their day. Aliya is available to read below. At the moment, Vazha, Mikkel and Alena can be bought in print form, as limited edition, hand-finished comics (see links below). There are two more chapters to come, and this page will be updated when they are available.



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