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This page holds all the combinations of three of Rin, Yozhik, Megaera, Kurai, Peri and Nikolai. Only the right hand side of the desktop is shown; the left hand side remains constant (see examples with the single characters). Click on the image to download the zipped .bmp file for your desktop.

Kurai, Megaera, Nikolai Kurai, Megaera, Peri
Kurai, Megaera, Rin Kurai, Megaera, Yozhik
Kurai, Nikolai, Peri Kurai, Nikolai, Rin
Kurai, Nikolai, Yozhik Kurai, Peri, Rin
Kurai, Peri, Yozhik Kurai, Rin, Yozhik
Megaera, Nikolai, Peru Megaera, Nikolai, Rin
Megaera, Nikolai, Yozhik Megaera, Peri, Rin
Megaera, Peri, Yozhik Megaera, Rin, Yozhik
Nikolai, Peri, Rin Nikolai, Peri, Yozhik
Nikolai, Rin, Yozhik Peri, Rin, Yozhik

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