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By N

By N - more random doodles featuring Kite, Saryth, Vorannen and Raven. They said:

Up in the top left hand corner is a tiny Kite chasing tiny Chess after some sort of sisterly squabble.
Then theres the big Saryth and Kite - I was trying to do a proper fanart you see - only to find I wasn't to have much luck drawing today. So I tried a new approach and tried Vorannen underneath, but er, that didn't work either.
Then there are a bunch of bird related sketches there, because I was thinking about Saryth saying; 'I just called for the birds, I didn't think to specify' and I figured it'd be really annoying if you'd taken the effort to fly all the way to this sorcerer only to find he's called out the entire avian empire, and not only that, but some of your bird friends have got to him first, meaning that your whole trip and the effort you took was in vain. Therefore; 'In future, specify!'
Then theres a giant really badly drawn bird there squawking at Vorannen, because I was thinking; 'What if Saryth called the birds to use offensively?' which you know, just wouldn't happen XD
Those two tiny people there are actually my characters, sorry. They ended up there because I was thinking how I was supposed to be getting my comic done, and doodling fanart wasn't really making any progress.
There's a mini-Vorannen there, because...you know, I don't have much of a reason, it just stemmed from this page. I just imagine them to take very good care of their horses, hence I've wrote; 'Vorannen is secretly a horse fanatic', and illustrated my point with a mini-Vorannen, complete with brushes, ready to groom his prize horse. Who is less than impressed.
Then there's Saryth calling down some thunder, because he can. Also, a REALLY bad Vorannen, and a mini-kite and mini-chess.

Random doodles are so much fun to see :)

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