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By N

By N - random doodles featuring Kite and Saryth. They say:

Um, in the upper left hand corner came about from a discussion about how infuriating it'd probably be, looking for a sun. Thus Kite was drawn more than a little annoyed with a bird that unfortunately doesn't know where the sun is.
The one below that came from a discussion about Saryth, and feminine-ness.
The one of Kite crouching on a cliff overlooking a city was because I was thinking about how totally awesome a certain city from volume 2 was
The one to the right of that was admittedly heavily inspired by Luke Pierce's fancomic. Which was just awesome.
Above that, a Kite and a Saryth that both went horribly wrong (wait, why'd I leave them on there??).
*SOMETHING OF A SPOILER* Above that one; an angry Kite shouting; 'Haff yoo seen da *sun*?' at an angry Aeryn, who is shouting back; 'I AM DA *sun*!!'

I love seeing someone else play with my characters :)

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