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Reviews of Looking for the Sun, by various lovely people ^^.

SFX SFX reviewed part 15 in their June 2006 issue:

UK Manga XL UK Manga XL, a site dedicated to reviewing British small-press manga, reviewed volumes 1 and 2 in August 2006. The reviews can be read here:

Volume 1
Volume 2

MAMEzine Volumes 1 and 2 were reviewed by Rebecca McCarthy in MAMEzine issue 4:

Indie Review Indie Review, a site dedicated to the UK small-press comic scene, reviewed volume 2 in Autumn 2007. The review can be read here.

Bumblemoo Studios Vicki Paull of Bumblemoo Studios reviewed volumes 1, 2 and 3 in January 2008. The review can be read here.

Webcomic Mole Investigates In a kind of combination of the above two entries, Vicki reviewed the webcomic for Indie Review in her Webcomic Mole Investigates column in May 2008. Read it here.

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