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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I never seem to have anything to say on Mondays.. ah well. Does anyone know how to get episodes of Yami no Matsuei? We can't get more than 7, and I'd rather like to see more. We've seen up to 6, but because they're three-episode story arcs, I thought it best not to watch 7 until we have 8 and 9 as well...

I just remembered, I have a confession to make regarding this comic. I tried and tried to draw a troll, but all my trolls were cute and I thought that was being rather unfair to nagi, especially after the last comic. This troll is based on the Uthden troll from the Magic:the Gathering card (a red summon troll card called 'Uthden Troll', surprisingly enough), which was drawn by Douglas Shuler and is (c) Wizards of the Coast. The card's flavour text is quite appropriate, actually, only I couldn't include it in the strip, so I'll put it here:

Oi oi oi, me gotta hurt in 'ere
Oi oi oi, me smell a ting is near
Gonna bosh 'n gonna nosh
'n da hurt'll disappear

- Troll chant

Until I looked closely (ie just now), I read 'nosh' as 'mosh', which I think is a much better reading. Poor Sha'am...

- Sun Kitten, 18.6.02

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