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I seem to be rantless at the moment. Obviously I am far too happy. Sorry to anyone who actually reads this, since I'm aware that the rants on webcomics are one of the main attractions. You'll have to wait until one of us gets annoyed :)

That just changed. I have spent *hours* this afternoon trying to get Netscape (4.x) to do table backgrounds. Why doesn't it? Why doesn't it work? All you Netscape users, you have my apologies and my sympathies, because I cannot get the decoration to work under Netscape at *all*. I'm afraid you will haveto cope with the slightly broken bars in the earlier strips and a total absence of the pretty silver bars that should grace some of the other pages. I'm giving up.
Please, if you know how to make Netscape 4.x accept table backgrounds like IE does, tell me!.
-Sun Kitten, 7.2.02

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