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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Moonshadow found the Microsoft speech synthesizer today. He's been having it read out emails to him while he works. We downloaded it at home today and nagi is (as I type) inputting - well, nagi-ish things. Oh, and the computer has just crashed (obviously it can't cope with nagi for too long). The funny thing is, it came with a little wizard character that looks like it comes from this strip. Should I be pleased I guessed right or should I be worried that I can think like Microsoft?

It is far too hot today. I want to move to the north of Scotland, where the air is a decent temperature the year round. Cambridge manages boiling heat in the summer and a wind so sharp and cold it can cut steel in the winter. It was thundering earlier, but it hasn't rained yet. Until it does, I want to get back to my nice, air-conditioned laboratory..

Oh yes, and in case there is anyone reading this who does not read Megatokyo, Piro, the author of said webcomic has just made a deal with Ironcat Studios to release a - well, a graphic novel, or a manga, whatever you want to call it. I happen to think this is a good thing, and we will be getting a copy, but I also think it's an impressive accomplishment. Congratulations, Piro and all the others at Megatokyo  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 16th August '02

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