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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Here is an interesting proof Kazuhiko sent us today:

Everyone knows that girls require time and money:
girls = time x money

Everyone knows that time is money:
time = money

girls = money x money = money2

Now, money is the root of all evil:
money = √evil  (*)

girls = (√evil)2
girls = evil

I leave you to work out the implications of this for not only girls, but also computers, cats and webcomics. I'm going to bed; I have to be up for 6:30 tomorrow for a conference (conference, sadly, not convention) in Reading  ^^

Oh yes, and there's a small update on the more page.

- Sun Kitten, 17th September '02

* apologies to all those with earlier-than-HTML4 browsers - this conglomerate of characters (√) is the square root sign in HTML 4.

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