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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Twice since Monday I have performed major surgery on my new brown patchy flares. They now have two squares of tough canvas inside in stressed spots which ripped before. The palest corduroy seems the weakest. The man in the shop told me that corduroy stretches, which it does, but not if it can rip first. After this lot I'm going to find costume creation a breeze. I just hope the black flares don't go the same way.

As something completely different, I have just ordered a disc drive belt for my Amstrad CPC 6128 - the computer I grew up with, which pined and died when I callously left it at home for the first year of university. I have such memories of this machine - we used to all crowd round and watch my Dad play through the various Dizzies, or Rick Dangerous, and I played an amazing game called the Covenant where you controlled this little spacesuited man who entered caverns and shot aliens and each time you finished a level or something you got a bit of the covenant - a kind of image or something. There was no save function - I once had poor Arnie on for days to try and get the whole thing, but something went wrong before I managed it (and I think it sent me slightly insane as well). The aliens had an amazing level of menace for badly animated, four colour beasties, and the game was rather disturbingly compelling. We played shoot-em-ups of all kinds and I read Amstrad Action, a marvellous magazine. Somewhere I still have a load of issues; I wish I could find them. And I learnt to program, in Basic. We had Magic Maths, where you do some sums on a train and which none of us played, and Lords of Midnight, which is great, and more Dizzy. We loved Dizzy. I can't wait to get it working - I want to play proper games again, with cute 2D characters in 16 colours and tunes that make you chew the carpet. I love Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger, and well-drawn, well-animated characters, gorgeous music and scenery and intricate plot and backstories, but there's something about Dizzy that nothing else can duplicate  ^.^

Finally, what kind of mind comes up with this? (Needs Flash and sound; sorry. Click on the horses)

- Sun Kitten, 8th November '02

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