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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

My Amstrad disc drive belt hasn't come yet  ;_;

I wrote a Store page to display potential designs, since the cafepress store we have is a cheapskate one where we can only have one item of merchandise with a design on at once. So if you have a burning desire to wear a T-shirt with a strip on, or any of the other images on this site, let me know and I'll put them up. Don't ask for the web bug  ^.^

In other (more exciting) news, Moonshadow is writing a Wiki page. Go here to find it, and here to find out what a Wiki Web is (and here to see a full-size adult specimen) and here to find out why it works and here to find out why it doesn't. It's ToothyWiki!

- Sun Kitten, 12th November '02

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