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Ahha! I have mastered the Bezier curve function!

I went to a conference in London today. It was in a building in the London Zoo, so at lunch time we got to wander round the zoo. Naturally, I went to the reptile house to look at the snakes and lizards, although I think my favourites were the tiny colourful poison frogs. They also had a number of baby snakes which were really sweet. And they had terrapins whose necks were really long. And an exhibit about Harry Potter (!)

I know there are people out there who read this once a week or once every two weeks (Sha'am is watching you. Be warned), so just to be sure, I'll say it again: go to the wiki! Did you know that 'wiki' is hawaiian for 'quick'? So says the WikiWikiWeb. I was told it meant 'happy', or something, which I prefer. Who needs facts, anyway?  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 22nd November '02

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