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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Welcome to another Naze Nani Toothycat! Woo!

These ones take so long to draw - and to prepare on the computer. I apologise for the slightly off-putting speech bubbles in the last three frames. I had it all set up so that they'd be read in the right order and then I changed a couple of things and then they were all wrong *shrugs* It might help to think of it as three panels of full height, and read the speech bubbles in each panel from left to right, ignoring the height of the bubbles. And I really did want to put a hat on Yozhik.. I really thought it'd have suited him.

In other news, I've started again on the First Story. I think I'll add pages as I do them rather than saving them all up at once (unless I get a barrage of emails saying not to :) This section's probably going to be long - you might have to wait 'til Christmas for it all. And I'm trying a different way of doing them in an attempt to make them look smarter  ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 16th July '02

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