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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

My computer's broken. Not very broken, just the PCMIA slot socket. A pin touched another pin, and the socket shorted. Or maybe the motherboard is unhappy. Either way, she has to go in for repairs. I have one strip drawn and ready for next Tuesday (the 10th), and another is drawn for Friday the 13th. I intend to get the one after that drawn, scanned and put together as well, before Pen is picked up for fixing on Monday 9th. On the 14th, which is a Saturday, I'm leaving for Heidelberg, and a conference, and after that a week's holiday. There'll be a break in the comic for Tuesday 17th and Friday 20th, I'm afraid. I will make it up, but depending on how quickly Pen is mended, maybe not immediately. I don't anticipate there being a break in the comic other than those two days, though.

I'm really not looking forward to not having my computer around. Maybe she has become some sort of security blanket. I've given her a name and refer to her in the feminine, which is probably a bad sign..

- Sun Kitten, 6th June '03

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