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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Moonshadow and I were planning to write a 'Which Phoenix Feathers character are you' net quiz (like all the others you can find around the web). He wrote the code in perl (the source is here), so we have the basic template. However, we can't think of any questions. After much thought, I came up with one about books and another about films, neither of which is very imaginative. So, if anyone can do better, please post your suggestions here. That way, the quiz might be up before 2005  ^.^

I sat down on Sunday evening and did some planning for the second half of this year of Phoenix Feathers. There's not that many strips to go before the end of its second year (which is some time in February). I've only really planned for three years, and I've just realised I really don't want to finish. Every story has an ending, and sequelitis is a terrible thing, but still..

- Sun Kitten, 9th September '03

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