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Anyone seen any 'Chobits'? It's CLAMP's take on Mahoromatic, Hand Maid May and all the other 'geek + cybernetic girl' animes. It's very cute, like all CLAMP, but has only shown a hint that anything deep might be going on so far. Anyway, the girl in question in a computer in the shape of a person, a 'Persocon'. Her owner found her on a dump and doesn't know the first thing about computers so he didn't notice the CD that fell out when he picked her up. As a result (I think) of the missing software, she can only say 'Chii'.

We visited my parents in Sheffield this weekend. We basically went to clear out my room, and although I did leave a lot of stuff (mainly school and uni notes), we took back with us my books and my Amstrad CPC6128. The Amstrad is now looking very cool (but not, sadly, doing very much) in the computer room of our flat. I spent Sunday evening making a catalogue of all our fiction/manga/art books yesterday (yes, I was being exceedingly sad) and we have over 600 of them. It's a very satisfying total to have although really we've only just started..

The result of spending the weekend tidying my room is that I don't feel like I actually got much of a weekend. I also spent 9:30 to 7:00 in the lab today (and I was working for most of that time, not lazing around :) and went straight to my weekly attempt to keep fit.

After all that, my brain feels like it's wrapped in cotton wool. Chii...

- Sun Kitten, 16.4.02

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