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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

We just spent the weekend putting together a wonderful shelf unit. It was going to hold our firewall cluster (at the moment, the cluster is just two machines, the firewall and the web server). It was part of a leaving present for Moonshadow, who just swapped jobs. We got it out of its package and put it together and it's sitting looking very pretty in our front hall.

It's 5cm too wide for where it was meant to go.

The stupid thing is that we never even bothered measuring. Even worse, it's now out of the packet and assembled, which means some of the components have been popped out of the frames they came in. I doubt the store will take it back. We're trying to sell it on a local adverts.forsale newsgroup but the only interest it's attracted so far is a query as to why it can't be taken back. It's so sad. And in the meantime our lovely shelf unit is sitting in the hall being used as a place-to-put-stuff, and all our computers are still shoved inside a little wardrobe, waiting patiently for their shelves. Sometimes I really annoy myself, especially when there's no-one else to blame for the most recent incompetence.

Aaanyway. Enjoy the strip. I've got a good feeling at the moment - I've almost finished next Tuesday's, which is one more strip ahead. I feel a lot happier when I've got a backlog of strips to go up - it means that if there's a crisis, I can just not draw any for a week and not worry  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 23.4.02

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