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Phoenix Feathers is updated every Tuesday and Friday

Hello, everyone who has come to this page. As your friendly guide, I'd like to point out that the arrows on the lower bronze bar are in fact links to other strips (first, previous, next and latest). Since this is the most recent strip, the 'next' and 'current' links will not in fact work. Please do not eat the links. As a further reminder, because the creator of this site doesn't like underlining, none of our links are underlined. They are all in bold, however, and quite visible, so not all is lost. Please adjust mental processes to take account of the change in style.

Secondly (and I promised myself I'd never say this), any feedback is much appreciated. I am only speaking for myself but at a guess Moonshadow and Oneiros (author of Card Sharp) would also appreciate comments. Any nasty emails will be fed whole to our toothycat and utterly destroyed, but any other emails - praise, offers of money, comments on art/stories/writing/webpage style, gentle criticism, etc, will be read and digested. We might even do something about them :). Notices of broken links (unlikely, but it might happen) are especially appreciated. I'd say I would put emails up on a page under 'Correspondence' except that I amn't good at putting things up when I say I will. But it's a possibility. Email to Sun Kitten, Moonshadow and Oneiros here  ^.^ To start the feedback trend, I spent most of today reading the aforementioned Card Sharp. It was good. Oneiros, write more.

Finally, in a return to the links issue, there is an archive for these strips and it is linked at the bottom of this page, where it says 'archives'. In nice spaced out letters that aren't underlined and, er, not in bold either. Sorry  ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 8.3.02. Actually, 7.3.02 at 11:20 pm, which explains the excessive weirdness of some of the above. Muhaha.

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