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I'm vaguely wondering if I have time to get Looking for the Sun 7 out in time for Amecon (fourth weekend in August).. 6 will be out for the end of this month, and I'm halfway through the inking, cleaning and scanning for that, so that's going well, but I'd quite like to be able to produce a new issue for Britain's biggest convention. But I'm supposed to be organising the Sweatdrop print run for August, and I don't want to rush anything and do it badly, and there are other things we're doing too (heh. Hehehe). And I'd really like to be able to put something new into the art gallery/competition at Wildercon and/or Amecon. I haven't drawn something nice that's non-comic-related since, oh, the thing I did for the Minami artbook (and that has Kite in it ;). But I'm not all that fond of computer colouring anyway, so I'm not feeling the loss... until I want to submit something. Maybe I could try watercolours, but I'll probably just end up drawing Saryth again. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. It's a very strange feeling, not knowing what to draw  ^.^;;

- Sun Kitten, 9th July '04

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