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Translations of bardic songs
Guitar music
Sometimes a song or a story strikes me so hard that I have to share it.. whatever language it's in.

Let us cheer
Relatively light for this page; still, I like it, so there.

My darling
Wonderfully bitter.

A personal favourite - the guitar music that accompanies this is delicate and haunting..

Descensus Ad Infernos
Hmp. Can't seem to make it scan. English doesn't have enough syllables.. :/ I'll link up the painting this is about at some point, too.

Farewell II
I'll say this here and now: Scherbakov is a genius. The way he loads his language is quite untranslatable; I've tried my best to get the feeling across, but...


That hits quite hard in unexpected ways.. Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita" is also highly recommended.

Another one by Scherbakov. Need I say more?

It is I
This has a really catchy tap-dance beat. Try doing a search for MS06CD07 - you might find a version you can listen to ^-^

Like a fallen angel
Not bardic, strictly speaking; it's by the band "Nautilus Pompilius". I've never actually heard the tune that goes with this; the lyrics, however, are very powerful. If anyone has a recording - please send one my way..

By the same person as Dawn, this too strikes a chord..

A million
red roses

Not bardic, but a good old Russian favourite. The poor guy..

The railroad man
Another Nautilus Pompilius track. I think a few of these might be appearing here - I was given a CD *_*

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