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Reya is a fantasy story about a young and cheerful mage-in-training who is forced to learn all too soon that, in her world, where magic is needed most is on the battlefield. In a time of military and political unrest, young talents are being recruited faster than schools of magic can teach them, and Reya will soon find herself caught up in a war that will shatter not only the lives of those involved, but the very foundations of what she believes in.

It was written by Sergei and Morag Lewis and drawn by Morag Lewis, with some of the pages coloured by En Gingerboom (online version only, I'm afraid). Reya has been published by Markosia, and a section of the first chapter is available on myebook.com; you can read it here! The book itself can be bought from Markosia's online shop.

It is based on and continues the story begun in the short comic, also called Reya, which was entered into the Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga UK & Ireland competition 2005 (preview here; it's not necessary to read the short before reading the continuation). The short is not available to read online, but can be read in the Stardust anthology, published by Sweatdrop Studios and available to buy from the Sweatdrop shop ^^

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