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The Inn Between

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This was drawn in October 2008 as an entry for the Comica Graphic short story competition, where it didn't place. I've always liked the 'tavern between the worlds' trope, so thought I'd take advantage of it as a background. I'm quite pleased with it overall, although I think I could have done better with more pages. The specified size was about A3, so this - which was done at 600dpi - is the largest I have ever worked. That's why the text is smaller than usual, although hopefully it's still readable :)

Comic Recipe

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This was drawn in 2007 to celebrate Sweatdrop's 5th birthday. It was printed along with a number of other members' art and comics, but that was a very limited print run indeed :)

On the Theme of Flight

Condemned to Flight   Hang Glider  

These were entered into the International Manga and Anime Festival 2006 competition, two one-page comics on the theme of flight. The first, Condemned to Flight, comes complete with teen angst poem ;) The second, The Closest One Can Get, is drawn mostly from Google images, but partly from memory. I would like to go hang gliding again.
Both images were selected to be displayed in the gallery at IMAF that year.

Student Sueto-chan

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These were drawn for a university magazine, although I have no idea if they were ever published. The main character is Sueto-chan, the mascot of Sweatdrop Studios.

Character Workshops

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Sweatdrop runs workshops and tutorials for aspiring artists and comickers. Sweatdrop characters, on the other hand, run workshops for comic characters. Ever wanted to learn how to look cool, cope with being a magical girl or just to commiserate about a life full of angst? Being a comic character is not easy!

This was originally published in the Amecon 2006 conbook.

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