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This is Jesus

This was created in response to a challenge from the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union. They asked for art for their mission event in spring (2014), and I wanted to give it a try. The title of the event and the required theme of the artwork was "This is Jesus". They were planning to have three talks, on the Pharisee and the Tax Collector, the Tenants in the Vineyard and the Good Samaritan, and while none of those had to feature in the artwork I did end up using all of them.
They didn't mind about the format - I intended to do a picture, but I just couldn't fit anything into one image. I'm a comic artist, and I'm terrible at standalone images. So I made a comic instead. Obviously I still couldn't fit much in, but more than I could have in just one picture!
I've uploaded it in spreads because it was designed to be read that way. All my comics are, but for this one I thought it was particularly important.

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