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Full Reset Time!
Ok, so plenty has happened to my story over the past few years... and since this place is somehow more secure than an actual Google Doc- given that nobody knows this place exists, at least nobody I would be bothered knowing of my writings- I've decided this is where such writings will end up for the time being.

Deep breath-

With that out of the way, welcome to the characters, rules, plot points, and whatever other musings I feel like writing about at the time, of Blackjacks- a four-season long eventual Webtoon set in a larger universe shared between a friend and I, the Abstract Infictrum- which in itself is set within a larger universe-string, the Infinite Spectrum. That might be a later thread...

Blackjack Agency Researcher Notes: Simon Teretniy

Hello. My name is Simon Teretniy, and I will be documenting my time with the Blackjack Organized Hero and Villain-Reformation Agency, or as we call it, simply the Blackjacks.
We are one of the many Hero Agencies in this world, and the world's first Villain-Reformation Agency- that is, instead of merely capturing or neutralizing villains, we offer some of the ones with promise a chance at a new life. However, I will not be disclosing our location due to the nature of our Agency, and our view in... the public eye.
May these notes be of use to you in the future, whoever you are.

P.S: If you're a far-off, alien civilization reading these notes... hello! I am glad you have read these notes, and wish you luck exploring the stars! And if, somehow, you are from the distant past, one of the many ancient civilizations to have fallen before us... Good luck! Please don't read too far, as I would not like to change the course of history. Stop meddling with the timeline!

The basics:

Since as far as history can remember, people have been born with a series of Rings inside their bodies, allowing for supernatural abilities. Strength, flight, teleportation... all the way from the mundane (make nearby dust orbit around you) to the catastrophic (create volcanoes at will).
Every person has these Rings- set in a system within their body. Ability Rings- A-Rings- are set along joints relevant to the related ability, and allow for use and channeling of an ability. Regulation Rings- R-Rings are set around a person's heart, and compensate for the stress of an ability on the body by absorbing and negating this stress. Without R-Rings, a person would only be able to use an ability for a minute or two before heart failure- in addition to other related stresses along the body.

While each ability is unique, they can be predicted. Within the thirteen celestial zodiacs- Gemini, Aquarius, Cancer, Libra, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Leo, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Ophiuchus- there are patterns and rules that the resulting Ring Ability follows.

Gemini: Born with at least a twin, this ability will work with and reflect their sibling's. Alone they are weak, or possibly even useless entirely, but when combined they become devastating.

Aquarius: This ability will support others, augmenting or upgrading a target- or weakening one.

Cancer: The User is born with a sentient growth, which will grow alongside the User. This growth is the output for the ability, and as long as it is taken care of and pleased, will allow for the usage of generally more extreme abilities. If malnourished, the ability will become locked... and if abused, the Cancer will go on a rampage, taking the User with them.

Libra: This Zodiac requires balance- using an ability will require certain circumstances, or an equal exchange, be it an action, environment, phrase... the requirement varies, but it will reflect the ability and User. Often the User can amp the ability by paying extra.

Virgo: These Rings are locked at birth, and often never unlock. The abilities locked in are often weak regardless, so Virgos live their life normally, aspiring to more mundane jobs. As such, Virgos make up a large majority of the world's governments.

Scorpio: Those born to this Zodiac will have deceptive, sneaky, or backhanded abilities. Poison, illusion, evasion, redirection- these are often found in this category.

Sagittarius: These will affect the nature of the world- controlling the nature of fire, water, space, time, earth, light, magnetism, dust, gravity. These are restrained and amplified based on their surroundings, and similar abilities often clash.

Capricorn: These abilities are strong- but will fight with the User. The User must dominate the ability, or it will dominate them- resulting in chaos, and often the death of the User. Those who can dominate their ability will often find themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

Leo: These are born with animalistic features or even anthropomorphic bodies. These features act as the conductors for the ability, but increased usage of the ability will lead to building instincts within the User- and those with weak minds often fall into insanity if they do not restrain their usage.

Taurus: These are more simple than the rest- abilities designed around strength, offense, or attack. Not particularly flashy, but they rarely carry any downsides.

Aries: These are more simple than the rest- abilities designed around endurance, defense, or survival. Not particularly flashy, but the User will often live an extended lifespan.

Pisces: This Zodiac will have access to a mental ability. Telekinesis, telepathy, mind control, divination, extreme vision- these abilities will affect the mind, or the minds of others.

Ophiuchus: These are the black sheep of Zodiacs, by very definition. Without fail, if used at full power, these abilities WILL lead to the destruction of all civilization- and as such, are often taught or required to lock away their ability with medicines or restraining devices, even surgery to remove their Rings- with varying degrees of success. In the modern era, parents are often discouraged from trying for children at times that would lead to the birth of an Ophiuchus.

About Golden Time:
Golden Times are the epitome of an ability- a sort of 'ability overclock'. All Zodiacs, save for Ophiuchus, have a Golden Time, although less than a millionth of a percent in a generation will ever touch these abilities, as they require extreme circumstances, discipline, training, understand of one's own self, and admittedly a lot of luck. Due to this, not much is known on Golden Times- but we do know a few key points:

1: A Golden Time's activation is preceded by a Regulation Ring's deactivation. In addition, there is automatically a maximum time one can spend in Golden Time- fifteen minutes. After that, the heart will entirely cease to function, and will collapse, as will most other organs. Oddly enough, it seems the body is entirely fine if this time is not reached- even if the user stops the Golden Time a moment before collapse.

2:Golden Timed Abilities do not seem restrained by physics- or at the very least, not any laws we know. This means a Golden Time can be EXTREMELY unpredictable, and are to be handled with extreme caution.

3: A Golden Time reflects a person's ability and true nature, which can lead to a degree of prediction on a Golden Time, but no further than general purpose. The method of an ability is nearly limitless.

4: Once unlocked, a Golden Time appears to be easier to summon again, but seems to have a time limit of around a week, varying from person to person.

This is the only information on Golden Times we have, but I will update this as I can, as I am the leading researcher on this topic.

With those out of the way, I would now like to document the many Heroes and Reformeds we have in this Agency, as well as important individuals related to us, or villains we have encountered. There are currently fifty-three such individuals affiliated with the Agency, and I have ranked them as a deck of cards, as not all are suited to a single field. Those who are not have no ranking. No,Daedalus, I will NOT explain my rating system, it would take too long!

File #1: Talcony Radon
Height: 7'8"
Zodiac: Leo
Birthday: August 8th
Species: Wolf-Bear Hybrid, low human concentration. Wolf Species: Gray Wolf. Bear Species: Polar Bear.
Skin / Fur: Gray throughout the body, white and black patterns along shoulders and extremities, especially around the eyes and face. Appear natural.
Eyes: Hetero-chromatic. Left: Violet, natural. Right: Gray, luminescent when Ability is activated, natural.
Weight: 632 lbs at time of last examination.
Occupation: Private Investigator, Blackjack Affiliate.
Ability: Neutralize Ingested

This Ability requires a target in order to be activated. Upon ingestion of a threat- projectile, Ability, flesh of an Ability User- Talcony becomes temporarily immunized or resistant to repeated threats. Ingestion of a bullet would give bullet resistance to similar calibers- but notably, both lower and higher calibers appear to ignore this resistance, and as such only the target caliber is affected. Ingestion of a knife would, however, give resistance to all forms of bladed weaponry. Ingestion of an Ability, however, actually seals away the User's Ability itself, as will ingestion of the flesh of said User.
Size of ingested target appears to relate to total time of neutralization.
This Ability also works well with Talcony's naturally strong bite force.
This Ability, as a Leo, affects Talcony's natural hungers, and as such he is occasionally inflicted with the desire to feast on those smaller than himself. However, he has mostly mastered these instincts, and as such poses no passive threat.


No Good Deed is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. If a person who is not Necra James Knightley, Simon Teretniy, Baldur Gills, or Virgil Timb comes in contact with Talcony while he is in this state, it is recommended that they immediately escape and find the listed personnel. In addition, all but Necra James Knightley are under no circumstances allowed to approach this Golden Time.

No Good Deed is the embodiment of Talcony's restrained hunger and instinct. Upon activation, there is immediately a physical change in his form. This appears as an enlargement in physical size, up to 10'10" in height and 1,200 lbs in weight, and the appearance of an unknown number of serrated mouths and teeth appearing along the entire body of Talcony Radon, all of which can disjoint, dislocate and attempt to bite independently, as well as move along the outer surface of the body freely.
All of these carry the same normal Ability as Talcony Radon, however, even a grazed bite will activate the Ability against the target until Golden Time deactivation, regardless of ingestion.
Talcony's instincts run rampant, and as such he will attack any living creature save for Necra James Knightley upon detection, which is rapid due to a Leo's natural increased senses.

This Golden Time is restrained by a seven-lock collar designed by me- Simon Teretniy- and can only be unlocked by Necra James Knightley, who stores all seven keys with his ability, and in addition, can only be triggered, by a subliminal command issued by Necra James Knightley.
Devouring the entirety of a semi-truck going at seventy miles-per-hour upon impact with no injury, as well as the sixteen armed terrorists inside, and the passenger, all of whom perished instantly.
Carving a hole through an apartment complex upon activation.
Neutralizing and immediately devouring the arm of a Villain with an Aries ability on-contact. The Villain is in a catatonic state and has been unable to speak, currently in an asylum.

File #2: Virgil Timb, 'Steadfast'
Height: 6'3"
Zodiac: Virgo
Birthday: August 28th
Species: Human, traces of Leo blood insufficient to yield physical mutation.
Skin: Ebony- heavy scarring.
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 253 lbs
Occupation: Ramses Agent, Hero
Ability: Indivisible

As a Virgo, Virgil Timb only recently unlocked his ability due to... extreme circumstance, involving contact with a Villain Ophiuchus. Upon activation on August 22nd, Virgil Timb became invincible. That is, his molecules appear to be entirely indivisible to any force he does not permit to divide them- A knife cannot cut, a bullet cannot pierce, a flame cannot burn Virgil. The extreme power of this ability is most likely due to a Virgo's ability to store the latent power in their normally weak abilities, leading to a period of two to three years after activation in which the Virgo's ability is abnormally strong. Based on this trend, he would most likely weaken to average levels in about four years based on research, however, this is not his only factor.
Until activation, Virgo had been fighting as a regular police officer. However, he was preparing for a future as a Hero, via the signing of a contract with a power-storing Aquarius. This allowed him to build power for every day he did not activate his ability, and as a Virgo, he was already storing power. Based on this, Virgil's current power level is expected to be maintained for up to a decade.

As an addendum, keep in mind that should this ability be neutralized he is more than capable of combat without an ability. Current strength levels are unknown, but appear to be highly unnatural.

Golden Time: N/A

File #3: Baldur Mist, 'Golden Boy'
Height: 5'6"
Zodiac: Ophichius
Birthday: December 16th
Species: Human
Skin: White, veins appear to be gold, giving the skin a lustrous hue.
Eyes: Gold
Weight: 140 lbs
Occupation: Blackjack Agent, Strategist/Hero?
Ability: Golden Boy

Baldur Mist is, at this time, invincible by definition. His ability, Golden Boy, works in absolutes, and offers wishes to the user, as an ability passed down to the youngest at the time of the parent's departure. However, due the near miscarriage at birth, his mother had used her wish to "Protect Baldur Mist."
The effects of this do not appear to have a limit, but do appear to be more of a curse than a blessing. Golden Boy has proven sufficient ability to: Edit genetic material, warp space and time in a localized area, reshape matter on a subatomic level, and alter the perceptions of those nearby- in addition to basic telekinesis, super strength, and hyper resistance.

Baldur does not appear to have any control over the influence of Golden Boy. It has become an automatic defense system- WIP

Q&A Section: Any questions or concerns may be posted here- ask away, I simply ADORE talking about my world!

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