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Eheh... Hey. I'm A-Less-Confused-Wolf, and I still have no clue what I'm doing here, but whatever it is works! I'm really starting to like this place. After stumbling onto this place via a wild goose chase through Google, spurred on by SCP Experiment Log 423-A, trying to find out what in E.Maan's name alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb is, I found this place. So...
Why the heck not, I've got nothing better to do!
DISCLAIMER: I HAVE read the WhatIsWiki page, and the WikiEtiquette page, but if I end up, like they said in the 'Newbie' section, doing something out of step, let me know please! I don't get offended, trust me.
Ignore and/or laugh at ToothyWikiEntranceExam --Pallando
My will was barely able to overpower my want to just put goat sounds. -- ALessConfusedWolf
Criticism means improvement after all! On top of that, I don't really know the general 'vibe' around here, so I may seem a little uncultured for a bit. Beyond that, I am me, and I have been known to be a bit abrasive, so here's your warning, and my greeting to you all!
Feel free to add comments, questions, or just chat here with me. If there's too much chatting, I might just copy-paste the discussions onto a new page for it, but knowing my lack of organization... probably not.
AConfusedWolf/Characters, because I like to make things.

WelcomeToWiki :) - SunKitten
Thanks. -AConfusedWolf

Hi! - moved your characters page to AConfusedWolf/Characters - hope that's OK  --MS?
Oh, that's no problem at all! It's a much better form of organization than what I had, and I always welcome improvements! Thank you for the warm welcome!-AConfusedWolf

Update as of 08/26/20: SO! The pandemic is still gong on, but if you're reading this it means I'm PROBABLY not dead or insane yet (subject to change). Mostly just stopping by to read more of these webcomics, maybe check out Kazu, just kinda snoop around again.

Side note... anybody got a clue as to why it's called Toothycat?
Update, I have discovered the cause.

Update as of 08/05/21: Pandemic is... dying down? Question mark? Anyway, stopping by again for more webcomics and snooping. Life is good- hope y'all are doing ok!

Add game recommendations here, especially RogueLikes, [RPG]s, and Civs.
Now looking for ARGs as well, preferably those available to a Ken-Ten resident.

Current Status for Weirdest Topic I've had in the Kazu Chat:
Discussing the technical aspects of the communication systems in fantasy worlds.

Current Status of Remnant, The Light-Filled Kingdom (Civ 4 Complete):
Resetting due to a triple-team between the Japanese, the Aztec, and the Spanish. Ouch.

My Current Gaming Addiction: JoJo?'s Bizzare Adventure: Heritage For The Future.
I main Shadow Dio and Hoingo, occasionally Mariah if I feel like being mean.

Helltaker. Yes, I know, I'm a degenerate. Shaddup.

Risk Of Rain 2, specifically the 750+ mods available.

Mourning the finishing of A Pocketful of Clouds. Also, being inspired.



Haaaaapy Birthdaaaaay to meeeeeee- February 8th, 2021
Happy Birthday! --MoonShadow
Thanks! - ALessConfusedWolf

And for those of you who aren't aware its a thing elsewhere, as I was, SunKitten 's comic Nobody's Library is on Webtoons. Mandatory reading, lads and lasses.

01/03/22- I survived five tornadoes in one night! Not looking to repeat that lil' incident!
o.O;; Congratulations, or maybe commiserations? - SunKitten
Definitely a congrats moment. Surreal feeling though. There were five in my area, thirty in my state total, and one stayed on the ground for so long it set a world record. Can chalk this up to my third locally apocalyptic event I narrowly missed. -ALessConfusedWolf

01/05/22- I wonder how many pages this place has. Or how long it would take to read them all. -ALCW
Also I should really update the characters page... I appear to have made substantial progress that desperately needs actual logging before I inevitably lose it all.
Minor update, assuming that every page contains something at all, or at least a whitespace somewhere depending on how this search works (or how well my brain is interpreting things, which is very iffy) there are about 7944 pages. I fear nothing, and will be plunging into the depths of obscurity to gain eldritch knowledge that will most likely never be of use... in alphabetical-ish order.


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