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Eheh... Hey. I'm A-Less-Confused-Wolf, and I still have no clue what I'm doing here, but whatever it is works! I'm really starting to like this place. After stumbling onto this place via a wild goose chase through Google, spurred on by SCP Experiment Log 423-A, trying to find out what in E.Maan's name alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb is, I found this place. So...
Why the heck not, I've got nothing better to do!
DISCLAIMER: I HAVE read the WhatIsWiki page, and the WikiEtiquette page, but if I end up, like they said in the 'Newbie' section, doing something out of step, let me know please! I don't get offended, trust me.
Ignore and/or laugh at ToothyWikiEntranceExam --Pallando
My will was barely able to overpower my want to just put goat sounds. -- ALessConfusedWolf
Criticism means improvement after all! On top of that, I don't really know the general 'vibe' around here, so I may seem a little uncultured for a bit. Beyond that, I am me, and I have been known to be a bit abrasive, so here's your warning, and my greeting to you all!
Feel free to add comments, questions, or just chat here with me. If there's too much chatting, I might just copy-paste the discussions onto a new page for it, but knowing my lack of organization... probably not.
AConfusedWolf/Characters, because I like to make things.

WelcomeToWiki :) - SunKitten
Thanks. -AConfusedWolf

Hi! - moved your characters page to AConfusedWolf/Characters - hope that's OK  --MS?
Oh, that's no problem at all! It's a much better form of organization than what I had, and I always welcome improvements! Thank you for the warm welcome!-AConfusedWolf

Add game recommendations here, especially RogueLikes, [RPG]s, and Civs.
Now looking for ARGs as well, preferably those available to a Ken-Ten resident.

Current Status for Weirdest Topic I've had in the Kazu Chat:
Discussing the technical aspects of the communication systems in fantasy worlds.

Current Status of Remnant, The Light-Filled Kingdom (Civ 4 Complete):
Resetting due to a triple-team between the Japanese, the Aztec, and the Spanish. Ouch.




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