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Click BNF: AlexChurchill/LorwynGenerator to generate a card that might come from Lorwyn block.

Notable Creations

Bloodstone Prospector
Creature - Giant Warrior (3/2, red)
Sacrifice a Mountain: clash with an opponent. If you win, add 1R to your mana pool
He can level entire ranges in search of the gems which lie buried within.

Marsh Pie Fumes
Tribal Enchantment - Goblin (black)
All creatures gain fear
All Goblin creatures gain lifelink
"Even boggarts can't see through the gas. But they're the only ones who like the stink." -- Calydd, kithkin farmer

Glen Elendra Husher
Creature - Faerie Wizard (3/2, blue)
Flash, flying
Sacrifice ~this~: Counter target activated ability.

Blork the Hostile
Legendary Creature - Goblin Rogue (1/2, black)
Whenever a Shapeshifter comes into play, target Goblin creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn
"I don't know if your face is real, but I don' want to see it round here again!"

Lys Alana Summons
Enchantment (green)
Whenever a token creature comes into play, you may Pay 4 life. If you do, clash with an opponent. If you win, put 3 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature tokens into play

Saplings' Shelter
Tribal Enchantment - Aura Treefolk (green)
Enchant Treefolk creature
Whenever enchanted creature becomes blocked, clash with an opponent. If you win, each player gains 2 life

Cloudgoat Blacksmith
Creature - Giant Rogue (2/2, white)
4WW: put a 1/1 white Kithkin Soldier creature token into play
W, Tap an untapped permanent you control, sacrifice a Kithkin: target opponent may search his or her library for a Equipment card, reveal it, and put it into his or her hand. If that player does so, shuffle that library afterwards.
"And for you, my friend, a very special blade, made from very special ore..."

Silver-Tongued Landspanner
Creature - Merfolk Wizard (1/1, blue and white)
Whenever ~this~ blocks one or more creatures, untap target Kithkin creature and gain control of it until end of turn. It gains haste until end of turn.

Are Repeated Clashes Really That Interesting?
(lorwyn 1997570453) Tribal Enchantment - Aura Shapeshifter (blue) | Changeling | Enchant enchantment | Whenever enchanted enchantment becomes enchanted, clash with an opponent. If you win, up to X target Shapeshifter creatures get -3/-0 until end of turn, where X is the amount of life any player has and clash with an opponent. If you win, clash with an opponent. If you win, clash with an opponent. If you win, draw 1 card, then discard 2 cards | | Converted mana cost: 1
No, they're not really. Sometimes they are, as in Gambler's Banishing below, but no, you've convinced me. I've removed them. --AC
Actually it doesn't look like you fully removed them...check seed 1106267185. --SM

And I Thought That Ashling Character Was Crazy
(lorwyn 552121926) Creature - Shapeshifter (3/2, red) | Changeling | 2: copy target activated ability and choose new targets for the copy and ~this~ gets +4/+0 until end of turn | | Converted mana cost: 3
Read this as "Whenever a player plays an activated ability, you may pay 4.  If you do, ~this~ is as big as you want it to be until end of turn."
Hee! Fun (and absurd)! --AC

Finally!  A Cool Card, Kind of Like Attunement And... Something Else
(lorwyn 743458834) Tribal Enchantment - Merfolk (blue) | All Merfolk creatures gain When ~this~ is returned to its owner's hand, you may Discard a card. If you do, draw 3 cards, then discard 4 cards | All permanents can't be the target of spells | | Converted mana cost: 4
MTG: Attunement and MTG: Privileged Position, yes. Very cool. --AC

Because The Best Cards In Lorwyn Are Supposed To Be Black
(lorwyn 1032040450) Creature - Goblin Minion (3/2, black) | Discard a card: put a +1/+1 counter on ~this~ | ~this~ comes into play with 6 +1/+1 counters on it | Remove 2 +1/+1 counters from ~this~: destroy all nonblack creatures | At the beginning of each opponent's upkeep, clash with an opponent. If you win, target opponent receives 2 poison counters | | Converted mana cost: 5

Gambler's Banishing
Instant (black)
Choose one: destroy target nonblack creature; or clash with an opponent. If you win, clash with an opponent. If you win, destroy two target nonblack creatures.


(lorwyn 1160722541) Instant (white and red) | destroy target artifact | | Converted mana cost: 1
Not really that big of a deal, but since Lorwyn isn't using the hybrid mechanic, shouldn't a card's CMC be lower bound by its number of colors?
This isn't the ChrisHowlett/MCGManaCostModule. The CMC is completely unrelated to the rest of the card, and only put there for purposes of clashing in /TypeFourGenerated. --AC

(lorwyn 964638105) Enchantment - Aura (black) | Enchant enchantment | Whenever you play a Forest, clash with an opponent. If you win, you put a 1/1 black Goblin Rogue creature token into play | Enchanted enchantment gains Sacrifice a land: put a 1/1 black Goblin Rogue creature token into play | B, sacrifice a Goblin: destroy target creature. It can't be regenerated. | 2, sacrifice 7 Goblins: clash with an opponent. If you win, you put the sacrificed permanent's mana cost 1/1 black Goblin Rogue creature tokens into play | | Converted mana cost: 5
Another take on the "do something with the CMC of an undefined reference" bug; I assume that as written it plays like the CMC of a split card, getting more tokens for each of the 7 sacrificed goblins?  Except not really, as the card just says "mana cost" rather than "converted mana cost"...anyone care to put {8}{B}{B}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R}{R} black Goblin Rogue creature tokens into play?
The first bug is well known, and rather tricky to fix. The "mana cost" instead of CMC bug is one I've not seen before, and have just fixed - thanks! --AC

(lorwyn 1056051887) Enchantment - Aura (black) | Enchant land | Sacrifice ~this~: put X 1/1 black Goblin Rogue creature tokens into play, where X is the amount of blue mana in your mana pool | Sacrifice a Plains, sacrifice X Goblins: clash with an opponent. If you win, clash with an opponent. If you win, target black creature gets -3/-4 until end of turn | Sacrifice word_1 Goblins, sacrifice a Goblin: You and target opponent each untap and gain control of any number of target nonwhite creatures the other controls (This effect doesn't end at end of turn). They gain haste until end of turn. | You control enchanted land | | Converted mana cost: 4
For all the cards I've seen, this "word_1" bug is new to me, and assuming it's numerical grammar then I don't think it's anything that would have needed tweaking in a long time...
Ah, that's where you'd be wrong :) Look below at the definitions of creaturetypespecificcost_Merfolk and creaturetypespecificcost_Goblin. It's the first time I've wanted to convert a number like "2" into a word like "two", which is why it's a new bug. Now fixed. --AC
One suggestion to give is that a single object should probably become "a" or "an" instead of word_1, as "tap one untapped Merfolk you control" doesn't sound right, but word_1 does have uses on its own (MTG: Mind Burst, MTG: All Suns' Dawn, not to mention all the "choose one"s if you want to adapt those for greater flexibility).

A LINE APE: A Library Is Not Ever A Permanent. Ever!
(lorwyn 897105225) Instant (black) | Choose one: exchange control of target untapped library you control and target permanent of the same type target opponent controls; or exchange control of target library you control and target permanent of the same type target opponent controls | | Converted mana cost: 4
Seriously, is there any context in which the Generator uses the "target library" construct where it remotely makes sense (apart from absurdities like "return target library to its owner's hand"?) Yes, zones can be targets.  But unless a context can be found that makes sense to plug a zone into (and given the diversities of zone usage, this can be difficult to pull off with any modularity), I don't really see a need for "target library" and the unusable cards that phrase is responsible for.
You're right that targeting libraries is almost always absurd in one way or another. But I'm afraid it's one of the sillinesses in the Generator that's got a lot of history, and a lot of fans, so I don't think I'll be removing it. The Generator is an inherently silly thing; the cases where it gives you "target library" just make that a bit clearer than normal. If you want, you can feel free to replace "target library" with "target permanent" wherever it comes up. --AC

T For Two...or Three?
(lorwyn 284991764) Land | T, T, sacrifice ~this~: each player may search his or her library for 2 land cards and put them into play. Each player who searched his or her library this way shuffles it. | T, T, T: ~this~ gains protection from white until end of turn
I don't recall anything like this coming up in the main generator.  Is this new code that's allowing costs like that?
It used to do this, but a long time ago. I've inadvertently reintroduced it, just in the Lorwyn generator, with the creature-type-specific costs for Giants, Elves and Merfolk, where I was circumventing my normal checks for whether a tap symbol has already been used in the cost. I think this should now be fixed. --AC

Lord of Velis Vel
(lorwyn 121465225) Creature (red) |Changeling| 2RR: destroy target land.| 1: this gets +3/+0 (this effect doesn't end at end of turn) |1, discard a card: copy target instant or sorcery spell and you may choose new targets for the copy. | Converted mana cost: 1
His power is go great that they divided him into three spirits - each of whom was still quite silly.
Good to see the generator can still put out some corkers every now and then...
One, manually editing cards into that format isn't worth the trouble (spacing issues and syntax form a dead giveaway that the card didn't go through the IRC generator frontend that yields output in the format you're trying to mimic). Two, seed 121465225 of the lowryn generator is a black instant (Symmetric Tutor), not a red creature, and the BNF code hasn't been altered since this. Three, you've listed a creature with no power or toughness. What's going on here?
You got me - I had gone to another page of generated material by the time I decided to extract this particular one, so I had to write up what it did from memory. I used one of the above templates as a guide. It seemed worth it at the time for some reason that eludes me now...


option ::= include = AlexChurchill/MagicCardGenerator

Choosing creature types

choosesinglecreaturetype ::= Kithkin | Giant | Merfolk | Faerie | Goblin | Elemental | Elf | Treefolk | Shapeshifter
choosesinglecommoncreaturetype_white ::= Kithkin | Giant
choosesinglecommoncreaturetype_blue ::= Merfolk | Faerie
choosesinglecommoncreaturetype_black ::= Goblin | Elf
choosesinglecommoncreaturetype_red ::= Goblin | Giant | Elemental
choosesinglecommoncreaturetype_green ::= Elf | Treefolk
choosesinglecommoncreaturetype_artifact ::= Kithkin | Giant | Merfolk | Faerie | Goblin | Elemental | Elf | Treefolk | Shapeshifter

selectRace_white ::= commonrace_white | commonrace_white | rarerace_white
selectRace_blue ::=  commonrace_blue  | commonrace_blue  | rarerace_blue
selectRace_black ::= commonrace_black | commonrace_black | rarerace_black
selectRace_red ::=  commonrace_red  | commonrace_red  | rarerace_red
selectRace_green ::= commonrace_green | commonrace_green | rarerace_green

commonrace_white ::= <creatureType1::=Kithkin> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Giant> forceClass
rarerace_white ::= nonSentientElemental? | <creatureType1::=Treefolk> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Shapeshifter> noClass
commonrace_blue ::= <creatureType1::=Merfolk> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Faerie> forceClass
rarerace_blue ::= nonSentientElemental?  | <creatureType1::=Shapeshifter> noClass
commonrace_black ::= <creatureType1::=Goblin> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Elf> forceClass
rarerace_black ::= nonSentientElemental? | <creatureType1::=Treefolk> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Shapeshifter> noClass
commonrace_red ::= <creatureType1::=Goblin> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Giant> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Elemental> forceClass
rarerace_red ::= nonSentientElemental?  | <creatureType1::=Shapeshifter> noClass
selectRace_green ::= <creatureType1::=Elf> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Treefolk> forceClass
rarerace_green ::= nonSentientElemental? | <creatureType1::=Kithkin> forceClass | <creatureType1::=Shapeshifter> noClass
nonSentientElemental? ::= <creatureType1::=Elemental> noClass

chooseClass_white ::= Soldier | Soldier | Cleric | Knight | Scout | Rogue | Wizard
chooseClass_red ::= Shaman | Shaman | Wizard | Warrior | Warrior | Rogue

assignMyCtrType? ::= assignCtrType1?

tokendescription ::= pushForceColour? <myTokenType?::=choosetokenrace##myColour> choosept##myColour space myColour space myTokenType? space tokenClass##myTokenType? " creature token" delayedtokenpluralsuffix1 popColour
choosetokenrace_white ::= Kithkin
choosetokenrace_blue ::= Merfolk
choosetokenrace_black ::= Goblin
choosetokenrace_red ::= Elemental
choosetokenrace_green ::= Elf
tokenClass_Kithkin ::= Soldier
tokenClass_Merfolk ::= Wizard
tokenClass_Goblin ::= Rogue
tokenClass_Elemental ::= Shaman
tokenClass_Elf ::= Warrior
choosept_white ::= 1/1
choosept_blue ::= 1/1
choosept_black ::= 1/1
choosept_red ::= 3/1
choosept_green ::= 1/1

requiredabilities_Shapeshifter ::= newline Changeling
plural_Shapeshifter ::= Shapeshifters
requiredabilities_Faerie ::= newline "Flying" | newline "Flying, flash"

generatedpermtype_artifact ::= art
selectRace_artifact ::= pushForceColour? selectRace##myColour popColour
// disallow artifact creatures; let artifacts choose a supported creature type to work with

Showing types

showtype ::= Spelltype##myType changelingifshapeshifter "
changelingifshapeshifter ::= <tmp##myCtrType?::=nothing> <tmp##Shapeshifter::=changelingifnoncreature> tmp##myCtrType?
changelingifnoncreature ::= <tmp##myType::=changelingiftribal> <tmp##ctr::=nothing> tmp##myType
changelingiftribal ::= <tmp##yes::=requiredabilities_Shapeshifter> <tmp##no::=nothing> tmp##forcetribal

Mentioning creature types

// Make mentioning a creaturetype 4x as likely as it was
newqualifiedpermanent ::= "permanent" myPluralSuffix? | "permanent" myPluralSuffix? | permanenttype myPluralSuffix? | creaturetype | creaturetype | creaturetype | creaturetype | colouredpermanent myPluralSuffix? | maybecontrolledpermanent##myControlFlag? | maybequalifiedland##qualifiedLandAllowed? | unusualqualifiedpermanentadjective
newqualifiedcreature ::= "creature" myPluralSuffix? | "creature" myPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " creature" myPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " creature" myPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " creature" myPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " creature" myPluralSuffix? | maybecolourqualifiedcreature | maybeptqualifiedcreature | creaturetype | colourphrase " creature" myPluralSuffix? | "creature" myPluralSuffix? " with " ptexpression space dynamicinteger inequality showsuffixes | slightlyqualifiedcreature | maybeunusualcreatureadjectivecreature | "creature" myPluralSuffix? " with " creaturekeywordabilitygeneral | maybecombatadjectivecreature | <tapstatussrc::=newqualifiedcreature> maybetapstatusperm
slightlyqualifiedcreature ::= singularcreaturetype " creature" myPluralSuffix?

qualifiedspell ::= spelltype mySpellPluralSuffix? | "spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | singularcreaturetype " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | colourphrase " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | nonlandpermanenttype " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | instantorsorcery " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix? | maybemanaqualifiedspell | spellsubtype " spell" mySpellPluralSuffix?

// Lorwyn does "all creature types" instead of "the creature type of your choice"
newcreaturetype ::= aifsingular##myPluralSuffix? creaturetype | aifsingular##myPluralSuffix? creaturetype | "all creature types" | "all creature types" | aifsingular##myPluralSuffix? creaturetype " in addition to " itpossessive##myPluralSuffix? " other types"
newpluralcreaturetype ::= pluralcreaturetype | "all creature types"

// When a creaturetype is explicitly mentioned on the card, force tribal
singorpl_myctrtype ::= _singorpl_myctrtype##myPluralSuffix? forcetribalandcreaturetype
singularcreaturetype ::= myCtrType? forcetribalandcreaturetype | myCtrType? forcetribalandcreaturetype | myCtrType? forcetribalandcreaturetype | myCtrType? forcetribalandcreaturetype | choosesinglecreaturetype forcetribalandcreaturetype | choosesinglecommoncreaturetype##myColour forcetribalandcreaturetype


typeofeffect ::= commoneffect | commoneffect | commoneffect | commoneffect | commoneffect | commoneffect | rareeffect | rareeffect | rareeffect | clasheffect
nonclashtypeofeffect ::= commoneffect | commoneffect | rareeffect
clasheffect ::= "clash with an opponent. If you win, " nonclashtypeofeffect


championability_specific ::= forcetribalandcreaturetype <tmp##myCtrType?::=championmyctrtype> <tmp##Shapeshifter::=championacreature> tmp##myCtrType?
championmyctrtype ::= "Champion a " myCtrType?
championacreature ::= "Champion a creature"

kinshipability_specific ::= forcetribalandcreaturetype "Kinship - At the beginning of your upkeep, you may look at the top card of your library. If it shares a creature type with ~this~, you may reveal it. If you do, " effecttext
kinshipability_grantable ::= rarecreaturekeywordability
kinshipability_general ::= kinship

enchantmentability_white ::= protection_specific | championability_specific
enchantmentability_blue ::= addenchantabilityprefixandauratype "You control enchanted " enchanttypegeneral | championability_specific
enchantmentability_black ::= addenchantabilityprefixandauratype "You control enchanted " enchanttypegeneral | championability_specific
enchantmentability_red ::= championability_specific
enchantmentability_green ::= championability_specific

commoncreaturekeywordability_black ::= fear | deathtouch
rarecreaturekeywordability_white ::= "double strike" | defender | protection##myAbilityContext? | flashability##myAbilityContext? | championability##myAbilityContext? | evokeability##myAbilityContext? | kinshipability##myAbilityContext?
rarecreaturekeywordability_blue ::= defender | shroud | protection##myAbilityContext? | flashability##myAbilityContext? | championability##myAbilityContext? | evokeability##myAbilityContext? | kinshipability##myAbilityContext?
rarecreaturekeywordability_black ::= flying | "first strike" | trample | defender | deathtouch | haste | lifelink | championability##myAbilityContext? | evokeability##myAbilityContext? | kinshipability##myAbilityContext?
rarecreaturekeywordability_red ::= flying | "double strike" | defender | trample | championability##myAbilityContext? | evokeability##myAbilityContext? | kinshipability##myAbilityContext?
rarecreaturekeywordability_green ::= defender | flashability##myAbilityContext? | deathtouch | vigilance | championability##myAbilityContext? | evokeability##myAbilityContext? | kinshipability##myAbilityContext?
rarecreaturekeywordability_artifact ::= defender | "first strike" | championability##myAbilityContext? | kinshipability##myAbilityContext?

maybespellkeywordabilityprefix ::= nothing
// no spell keywords in Lorwyn
maybespellkeywordabilitysuffix ::= nothing | nothing | nothing | nothing | nothing | newline "Draw a card."

// Remove imprint, flip cards, kicker, threshold, Arcane, facedownness, and morph-triggers
imprintabilities ::= cardability
flipabilities ::= cardability
conditiontext ::= "As long as " statecondition ", "
possiblespellsubtype ::= nothing
spellsubtype ::= "Tribal"
unusualcreatureadjective ::= nothing | unusualcreatureadjmaybetoken##myTokenQual? | maybenon "legendary" | equipped | enchanted
unusualcreatureverb ::= "regenerate" permanentverbsuffix##verbMood

Creature-type-specific effects... tricky!

recurseable_black ::= creature | Goblin
whiteorgreen ::= white
// this does make sense, really

triggercondition ::= maybeThisZoneChange?##thisStillInPlay? | maybeThisZoneChange?##thisStillInPlay? | <mySpd::=inst> "Whenever " lorwynevent ", " optionaleffectpaycostclause | <mySpd::=phase> "At the beginning of " permspecifiedplayerspossessive space phaseorstep ", " optionaleffectpaycostclause | typespecifictrigger
lorwynevent ::= creaturetypespecificevent##myCtrType? | creaturetypespecificevent##myCtrType? | tribalevent | event

creaturetypespecificevent_Faerie ::= "you play a spell during an opponent's turn"
creaturetypespecificevent_Merfolk ::= "~this~ becomes tapped" | "~this~ becomes tapped" | "~this~ becomes tapped" | "a " creaturetype " you control becomes tapped"
creaturetypespecificevent_Kithkin ::= "~this~ attacks" | "a " optionallyqualified_creature " you control attacks"
creaturetypespecificevent_Giant ::= "~this~ comes into play"
creaturetypespecificevent_Goblin ::= "~this~ is put into a graveyard from play" | "a " optionallyqualified_creature " you control is put into a graveyard from play"
creaturetypespecificevent_Elemental ::= effectspecifiedsinglenontargetplayer " play" playerVerbSuffix " an activated ability of a " creaturetype
creaturetypespecificevent_Elf ::= "a token creature comes into play"
creaturetypespecificevent_Treefolk ::= effectspecifiedsinglenontargetplayer " play" playerVerbSuffix " a Forest"
tribalevent ::= "a " creaturetype " comes into play" | effectspecifiedsinglenontargetplayer " play" playerVerbSuffix " a " creaturetype " spell"
creaturetypespecificevent_Shapeshifter ::= "a Goat comes into play"

multiplecost ::= creaturetypespecificcost##myCtrType? | costtext | costtext | costtext ", " nonmanacost

creaturetypespecificcost_Merfolk ::= <iftapallowed::=justtapcost> tapcostifallowed | <iftapallowed::=forcetapmulticost> tapcostifallowed | "Tap an untapped Merfolk you control" | "Tap " <tmp::=integertwothroughfive> word##tmp " untapped Merfolk you control"
creaturetypespecificcost_Goblin ::= maybeSacThis? | <<cost1::=maybeSacThis?>> nocardprobablymanacost ", " cost1 | "Sacrifice a Goblin" | "Sacrifice " <tmp::=integertwothroughfive> word##tmp " Goblins"
creaturetypespecificcost_Giant ::= <iftapallowed::=justtapcost> tapcostifallowed ", sacrifice a Goblin" | <iftapallowed::=justtapcost> tapcostifallowed ", sacrifice a creature"
creaturetypespecificcost_Elemental ::= costinmana
creaturetypespecificcost_Faerie ::= "Return a creature you control to its owner's hand"
creaturetypespecificcost_Kithkin ::= costinmana | forcetapmulticost
creaturetypespecificcost_Elf ::= <iftapallowed::=justtapcost> tapcostifallowed | <iftapallowed::=forcetapmulticost> tapcostifallowed
creaturetypespecificcost_Treefolk ::= costtext
creaturetypespecificcost_Shapeshifter ::= costinmana

tapcostifallowed ::= <tmp##tapCostUsed?::=iftapallowed> <tmp##used::=multiplecost> tmp##tapCostUsed?

Utility functions

choosenewcolour ::= <myColour::=justcolourword>

Seed: 1283130890 : Is this a bug?

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