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To those who're coming in from outside: hi there, this is ToothyWiki, a user-editable webspace where anyone can create or edit webpages.  I've created or commented on hundreds of them (986 at last count), on everything from CategoryAnime and MagicTheGathering, to ArmsTrading and GodIsLove, to JellyBabies and BigFishLittleFishBigFishLittleFishBigFishLittleFishCardboardBox/More.  Click the title (the large underlined AlexChurchill at the top) to search for all of them.  This particular page is my homepage.

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Image: 170 Image: 193 Image: 208 Image: 209 I participated in NaNoWriMo in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, writing over 50000 words each time. The 2006 novel expanded into the 70000-word novel UltimateDream. The 2005 novel, Horizons, is basically finished at 70000 words, but still missing one chapter in the middle. The 2007 novel, The Elevium Spies, is finished at 55000 words. The 2008 novel, Fly Me To The Desert, still needs a few thousand words writing to finish it off. UltimateDream can be read online; Horizons and The Elevium Spies aren't online, but can be sent to interested people by email. Fly Me To The Desert will be sent to interested people when it's finished.

A previous conversation here asked Alex if his IP address had changed.  He replied mentioning his LastKnownInformation?.  It was thus deemed fair to deduce that Alex is a MtG card with an IP address...
No no, cards have MAC addresses.  Hosts have IP addresses.  --Vitenka
*wince* *groan* That is indeed AVeryBadPun.  My congratulations. *cringe*  --AC
What may one apply Alex to do and is he Unique? --DR
Surely there is no doubt whatsoever about Alex's uniqueness... :) MJ
According to [this], Alex can influence maths to make certain numbers not exist. And he does indeed have creature type Legend, thus rendering him Unique in MtG terms.''

Alternatively, AC could be Alternating Current, or an abbreviation for the AxiomOfChoice. Alex is distinguishable from the above because he only has one back.
Maybe Alternative Churchill?  In terms of mental processes?
Or even The Alternative (A.)Churchill, but that would probably generate far too much confusion...
We could always create /ConfusionGenerator? --MJ

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