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"They play you."
Games which get involved in the player's whole life - seemingly everyday activities acquire the possibility of risks or developments in the games. The AssassinsGuild is one example.
WikiPedia: Alternate_reality_game describes some others.

Their designers are [distressing people]:
We moved on, then, discussing other ways they'd really like to completely immerse their players. Her favorite idea? Kidnapping. She really wants to kidnap one of you. "I really do! And I don't think I'm the only one! In a perfect world, we'd be able to infiltrate your whole world. And the guy you buy your coffee from every morning would slip you a coded note. And then as soon as you call the phone number it leads to, the power would go out in your house and you'd get kidnapped. These things, they aren't so very practical, but wouldn't that be one killer gaming experience?" She admits that might limit the appeal to some extent, saying, "I think the group of people who like to follow along with a story and boss the characters around a little on email is much broader than the group who would enjoy being actually kidnapped."


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